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Our centers offer programs for children ranging in age, starting from birth through first grade entry. For more information about specific programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Infants: We provide all infants with

  • A nurturing and relaxed environment
  • Opportunities to develop large and small motor skills
  • Primary caregivers to meet your baby’s physical and emotional needs
  • Stimulation through music, exercise, tummy time, outdoor time, language, and lots of love.

Toddlers: We provide all toddlers with

  • A nurturing and relaxed environment with caring adults
  • Opportunities to develop large motor skills and coordination through physically active play
  • Activities to develop an active curiosity about the world in which they live, and enthusiasm for learning
  • Guidance to develop social skills, language and independence.
  • Stimulating activities through music, stories, outdoor play, circle time, and free play.

Preschoolers: We provide all preschoolers with:

  • Interactive environments that encourage the children to learn through play.
  • Opportunities to discover their independence and problem solve.
  • Activities and routines that promote Kindergarten readiness
  • Age appropriate experience that develop social and emotional needs
  • Weekly lesson plans
  • Learning centers that encourage music, science, math, language arts, and manipulative play.

School Age: We provide all school age children with:

  • Interactive environments that are challenging and enhance study skills
  • An adult to help them fully understand homework and enhance cognitive skills
  • Time for rest, relaxation, and meditation to clear their minds and de-stress
  • Games and other social play opportunities to promote self-esteem and social skills.
  • Opportunities to enhance their gross motor skills and creativity
  • A safe, non-threatening environment where they learn positive behaviors and manners, which is critical in this impressionable time in the students' lives.

Additionally, Toddler through Preschool ages (typically twice a year) will participate in parent/teacher conferences with your child’s teacher. We use developmental screening tools provided by Early Childhood Education professionals that will assess how your child is doing in critical areas of development. We will highlight your child’s accomplishments, and areas for us – as a team – to work on (if any.)

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