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It is with a heavy heart that I have to remove Casey from Li’l Angels. She will be starting her elementary school outside your area, and we are forced to use their on-site afterschool care. I want you and your staff to know how wonderful you all are, and if there were more teachers like you, all of our children could start life more prepared. Thank you all for being such a big part of Casey’s life. She truly is better for having been with all of you. I know she will miss you all, and we will be sure to visit from time to time. – O’Hara-Clarke Family


I don’t know how to start this email. It is heartbreaking for me to think that Sebastian will no longer be at Li’l Angels. He has had so much love and care, you truly are his second home. I hope you know how much you are all appreciated, and how much I personally appreciate you (Herminia and Suzanne). I am not sure what Sebastian’s life or development would have been like if it were not for your center. He has grown so much and I know I owe most of it to your teachers. I don’t think some parents realize what an important part you play in our lives. Your staff are basically our children’s mommies and daddies. It is the greatest feeling to know I can come to work and actually concentrate on my work and not have to worry if my child is being mistreated. I hope that just because Sebastian will no longer be there, that we will not lose touch. I want to be involved in this center as much as possible. I want to be able to give back at least a portion of what you have given to us. At this time, I think this is the best move for him, and as you know (hopefully) I always TRY to do what is best for him. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!! - Ramos Family


Our family it forever indebted to you and your staff for caring for our twins. They have really enjoyed themselves, and we have seen such great progress in their development. Unfortunately, the cost of daycare for the both of them has proven to be too much of a challenge for us financially. This is the only reason for us leaving. If we ever find ourselves in a situation where daycare becomes more financially feasible, we will DEFINITELY return to Li’l Angels and we would be happy to serve as references for prospective clients.Best wishes – Huerta Family


We wanted to let you know we really appreciate all you have done for our son. You have taught him two languages, and have done a great job with all the kids. It is because of you, we are considering having a second child. I look forward to bringing that child to Li’l Angels once they are born, and I can feel good about that decision. I know that he/she will learn just as much as their brother, and I will not have to worry about anything!Sairy Family


When I first started at Li’l Angels 5 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was a new mother, and I was scared to start my baby at daycare. From the first day, the teachers made me feel comfortable about my decision. I never had to worry, because I knew they would call me if something was wrong. There were times, where maybe the staff didn’t tell me what I wanted or needed to hear, and sometimes I had to ask a lot of questions – but the one thing, I NEVER questioned, was how well was my baby being taken care of. It was obvious by how all the kids were laughing, running, making messes, and coming back saying things I had never heard before. When I moved, I was scared to start a new school, because by then I had had another baby. I found out that Li’l Angels had another daycare in my area, and I gave it a shot. Just like the other school, the teachers were always really friendly with my kids and made me happy to know that I was getting the same service as before. The best part, was Ms. Herminia worked at both of them, so when my oldest saw her, he felt way more at ease, and so did i. I could go on about how good you all are, but I just really want to THANK YOU for easing my fears and taking SUCH great care of my kids. They’ve learned more than I could have ever taught them, and Dominic’s Kindergarten teacher was even thinking of skipping him a grade. It’s all because of you guys!– Jameson family

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